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When preparing your home for retreat, imagine that someone you admire or look up to is coming over.   This send a strong message to the part of your brain that is outside your conscious awareness, where all your beliefs, impulses and patterns of behaviour are stored.

You’re declaring that you’re not prepared to chill out among piles of dirty laundry and half-eaten pizza, because you value yourself.  This time is sacred and you deserve the very best.

It’s recommended that you declutter and do a deep clean before you commit to regular retreat time at home.  This creates a space that is soothing, somewhere you can relax quietly and lose yourself in whatever it is you are doing.

If you’ve been meaning to clear out your closet for ages or have piles of things scattered about that you’ve been planning to sort, then now is the time to do it!

A clean, clear space will really help to quieten your mind when it comes to your precious time out.

You might like to hang pictures, scatter a few healthy houseplants around the place and decorate it with ornaments, crystals or good-luck charms for interior inspiration.  

Think about all your senses, not just what you can see.  Is the space comfortable?  Can you get some peace and quiet?  And does it smell nice?

Essential Oils

To create an atmosphere of blissful calm in your home, try an essential-oil spritz.  All it takes is a few sprays around a room for it to be suffused with a glorious, soothing fragrance.

Distilled water
80-100 drops of essential oil of your choice **
A spray bottle or plant mister

Add the water and oil to the spray bottle or plant mister, hake the contents well and then spray.  A few squirts will leave a glorious aroma that will linger in the air.

** There are lots of essential oils (try our range instore), each with its own properties.  Find one that suits you, with a scent you love.

For a calming environment, you can choose between lavender, camomile, bergamot, frankincense, and rose.  And of course, you can experiment and combine your favourite fragrances or purchase a ready mixed blend designed to encourage inner calm and restfulness. 

Enjoy :)

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