Super Flattering Boho Playsuits Jumpsuits Overalls - 5 Styling Ideas

I am new to wearing jumpsuits.  I didn't realise how super flattering they are for my body shape and versatile. 

Here are some styling ideas to help you choose one or two options for your wardrobe.  Get one - they are ranged in plus sizes and they are great to have in your wardrobe to grab, dress up or not, and you can add any of your footwear. 


Boho Jumpsuit Boho Clothing Shop1. What body type looks good in a jumpsuit?

An hourglass body type suggests that your waist is slimmer and your hips and chest are wider, making you a perfect candidate for wearing a jumpsuit.

When shopping for your boho jumpsuit there are a few things to keep in mind. A pant jumpsuit is incredibly chic, comfortable, and easy to wear.

2. Different fabrics

They also come in different fabrics.   

There are softer broadcloth options which work perfectly in warmer weather, are crinkled and light.  More a relaxed look. 

Linen mixes work well for workwear and casual.  You can then add heels or flats and style it with a shirt over the top or belt and you'll look amazing in your work day. 

3. Which style works best for me?

If this is your first jumpsuit purchase one in a solid colour. 

Black is always flattering and slimming and doesn't go out of fashion.  I also love the green/khaki option as it works across other pieces in my wardrobe.

A solid colour lengthens your body and is oh so flattering. If you absolutely have to wear a pattern go for something subtle ie the stripes and plaid options we have instore are awesome but more casual. 

4. How to wear them?

The easiest way to layer a jumpsuit is with a jacket on top.  Try a blazer style jacket or wrap for formal events or a denim jacket or slouchy cardigan for casual outings.

You can even tie a jacket around your waist during the day in place of a belt, to add shape definition.  The other option is to layer a shirt or top underneath your jumpsuit.  I love wearing  simple tank top underneath and then layer over a shirt or denim jacket.  

I often just wear my soft broadcloth one over my bikinis around the house or to/from the pool and beach.  I love how easy it is to wear. 

5. What shoes work best? 

You can wear a variety of shoes with a jumpsuit.  They can be a wedge or thin heels;  mid-height or taller;  and both sandals and pumps will work equally well.

I tend to wear flats for work or an open sandal.  On the weekends it's sneakers white chunky ones or bare-feet!  And yes I am known to often wear flip flops or thongs during those warmer months ;) 


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