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Aside from the bathroom, one of the best places in the home to enjoy retreat time is the bedroom, since it is associated with relaxation and includes a bed you can sink into! 

If your bedroom does not feel restful give it a quick makeover.  Have a browse here online and look at how quickly you can create a boudoir like a retreat centre.  Our luxurious bed throw is an awesome start.   Or maybe a restful diffuser to create a gorgeous scent throughout the room. 

Make your bed before retreating to your room.  It it looks orderly, it will help to calm your mind.  If you haven't already go them, invest in some lovely throws, blankets to keep yourself cosy.    It's also good to have a shawl, or a soft and cosy scarf that can wrap like a pashmina, something made from a soft material that you feel wonderful against your skin.  

A chair is desirable, too.  but it needs to be a comfortable one!  You might like to meditate there, gaze out the window or write in your journal.   It will give you back a break if you've spent a long time lounging in your bed.   A yoga mat is also a useful addition, as it's good to stretch regularly during retreat time.  

If you have space and it's convenient, put a kettle in your bedroom - you might be tempted to do the washing-up if you keep going into the kitchen.   You could have a selection of herbal teas or some sprigs of herbs, so that you can make fresh brews like this lemon balm fusion. 

Lemon Balm Infusion


2 springs of fresh lemon balm (juice if preferred)
250ml boiled water 
A little honey if desired


Place the lemon balm in the teacup and pour boiling water over the leaves.
By the time the liquid is cool enough to drink, the lemon balm will have infused their delicate and refreshing flavour. 

Enjoy :)

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