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With a few of your own lavish finishing touches, you can create a home spa experience in your own bathroom to soothe away the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Start by ensuring the place is a clean as you can make it, get rid of any clutter.  Throw out old mouldy shower caps, rusty razors and ancient bath soaks.   Of course, you don't want to throw things out, you can always place them in the cupboard - hidden away.  

Invest in quality towels.  Most of us keep the same ones going for years, not noticing how rough they are on our skin.  Save them for your home spa days so you feel you are getting a five start experience.  Your could invest in some new products for your skin like our pink clay mask.  At home facials are magic for our skin. 

For a wonderful aroma, sprinkle essential oils around the base of your shower before you get in.  When the hot water hits them, a heavenly steam will be release throughout the bathroom.   Lightly scented candles creates a lovely atmosphere in your bathroom.   Listen your favourite relaxing tunes. 

Enjoy :)

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