Take 10 Minutes of Self-Care for YOU

Whatever you choose to do during your me / retreat time – whether it be cooking, bathing, or going for a walk – doing it at a slow pace – being mindful is a must. 

I must say going through the last couple of years with COVID19 in our lives and being in lockdowns (I’m in Melbourne longest days in lockdown in the world!)  It’s given me a tonne of time really get this right. 

Taking a break from our hectic schedules, the to do list can sometimes feel difficult and we become quite anxious.   Pencilling in your time to walk or whatever your activity is with mindfulness i.e. taking in the smells, feeling the wind on your face, the crunching leaves under your feet for example, or stirring the bowl if you are baking and really connecting with the moment.  This will slow down your mind, your breath and you will begin to really ground into the moment.

Practise this if you like sitting having a cup of tea outside whilst you take a break from the desk, the kids and savour your moment.

Busyness can become addictive and before we know it our sleep patterns get disturbed, our heads whir, our necks, and shoulders ache.  Sure, there are stresses in our lives but the balance it to take the time to slow it down. 

Go Slow… can you do that for a least 10 minutes now or in the next hour.  Take a break.  You totally deserve it!

Slowing down experiment – give it a go

Pick a short walking track in your local area that take regularly, then walk the same route as if his were the last time you will ever do it.  Take a real look around, what do you see?

When you are fully engaged, being mindful with your surroundings, you’ll notice that you are more than likely walking at a far slower pa e than normal.  You will probably see things you’ve walked past a thousand times but never noticed before.

Enjoy :)

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