Get in Touch With Nature: Self-Care 101

You don't have to trek for miles or find somewhere wild and remote: nature is within reach for most of us.  Walking in a local park or along a tree lined avenue, or even picking daisies from a patch of grass, will help you to feel connected to nature. 

Being in nature soothes our sympathetic nervous system, which is associated with threat, while activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is associated with peacefulness and calm. 

Daily Nature Challenge

  • Make a point of noticing three wonderful things in nature - anything from the colour of the leaves when the sun shines on them to birdsong or the scent of a flower - and write them down. 

  • This will help to deepen your connection to and appreciation for the natural world.  You can look at your jottings whenever you feel low, as a way to remember all the wonderful things you've seen.  

  • Notice if, after doing this exercise daily, your mood improves over time. 

For the Love of Trees

Remember how much fun you had with trees as a kid? - climbing them, making cubbies and treehouses.   Collecting autumn leaves and making pretty patterns with them. Rekindle that wonder and take a little time to appreciate the trees that surround you.  they are one of the most awe-inspiring features of the natural world. 

Relax | Rejuvenate | Rebalance 


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