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Retreat to Nature.  Spending time close to nature is good for your health, happiness and soul because we are part of its rhythms and cycles. 

An American study found that those who take regular walks in nature do 20 per cent better in memory tests, while a Finnish survey found that spending just 15 minutes in nature helps people feel happier. 

Our bodies need time outdoors to create vitamin D, which can help prevent cancer, osteoporosis and heart attacks; also, research has shown that patients who are exposed to natural light heal faster and have less pain following surgery.  Magic! 

It's not a cure - all, but if you spend at least some time every day close to nature - even if it's just a short walk through the local park or admiring a pretty flower - you'll feel happier :) 

My absolute favourite place to ground is the ocean.  Whether I'm surfing or just walking along the coast on a hike, the great outdoors and the sea is my favourite space. 

Get outside and get into nature.  


Relax | Rejuvenate | Rebalance 


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