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Just ten minutes away from you hectic life can help you to clear you head, and feel calmer and more relaxed - what you decide to do in that time is up to you.  I can thoroughly recommend a cup of tea - herbal or other, sit back and stay in the moment.  Enjoy the moment. 

A good way to stay is by simply stepping away, whether it be from the computer screen, your office, chores, dashing around or socialising.  You don't have to tell anyone - just take a break.   A pot of tea is also a great way to take your ten minutes.  Or just go outside and breathe the fresh air, notice the trees, the sun on your face or the fresh breeze.  Notice and breathe. 

Check in with your emotions and your environment is enough to ease stress and help you forget any worries that might be whirling around your mind. 

I often do an exercise I call fives.  Whilst I'm taking my break I in my head say... what five things can I see.  What five things can I feel.   What five things can I hear.  What five things can I smell.  I do this five times.  It's a great way to practice mindfulness. 

A ten minute walk, preferably outdoors, will do wonders for your mood during a busy day.  I often find it resets my brain if at work, provides a little stillness to the stress or business of the day.  Connecting with nature if you can on your walk is even better! 

If there really is no way of getting out and you really need a break, find a window with a decent view, open it a crack and look out.  Allow yourself the luxury of gazing at the scenery for ten minutes, noticing all the sounds, the clouds, and so on.  

Enjoy :)

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