10 Boho Style Tips - Rock Your Bohemian Look

At the boho clothing shop we want you to dare to be you.   

Take the splurge and wear your bohemian inspired sundresses, shirts, boho kimono robes, boho skirts and pants.  

Whether you're curvy or slim, young or old, shy or outgoing, it suits just about every woman.  The best about bohemian clothing is that these flowing, lightweight clothes will sublimate any figure.

Here are 10  Boho Style tips to rock your bohemian look and feel fabulous!

#1 Accept your natural femininity

It is imperative, absolutely necessary to feel good about yourself and assume yourself as a woman.  

So, rather than focusing on your little flaws, be aware of your physical and human strengths.  You may have a little belly fat, but your figure is harmonious.

Maybe your breasts are a little too small according your taste, but your bottom is well rounded.  No one's perfect, and that's just fine!

Let your unique personality shine through and be kind to yourself.  

Nourish your heart.  Connect with your soul.  Nurture yourself.  That's our selfcare mantra and we love that you are here reading this blog and wandering and exploring our boho clothing shop :)  

Be luminous from within, 
leave complexes behind and enjoy life - enjoy yourself!

#2 Go for the long skirt or the boho dress

If there was only one tip to embody the boho style, it would be to always have a skirt or a long dress in your wardrobe. 

As this is really the essential piece of the boho look, a must-have.

If there was only one tip to embody the boho style, it would be to always have a skirt or a long dress in your wardrobe. As this is really the essential piece of the boho look, a must-have.

You may choose a flowing, lightweight and flared dress, plain or colored, adorned with patterns or embroidered, the choice is yours.

Consider dresses with floral prints, pleated fabrics, asymmetrical fits, slits and ruffles.

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#3 Dare to wear the flared jeans and boot cut

For those who are more comfortable in pants, you can totally adopt the boho style without wearing dresses or skirts.

The flare jeans and its delicious vintage fit is a great piece to compose a lovely hippie-chic look.

This flare pants that were worn by the greatest bohemian icons of the 70's are back in the spotlight in a more subtle version.

For more discretion, you can also opt for the boot cut, a little less flared than its sibling.  The advantage with jeans is that they can be easily combined with numerous boho tops and accessories to create a very stylish outfit.

#4 Go for boho shirts, blouses and tops

With a skirt, shorts or flared jeans, boho shirts and tops are of the most beautiful effect! Depending on your preference you can opt for a pretty white blouse or shirt, a floral tunic or a flowing blouse.  Embroidery, lace, ruffles and puffed sleeves are a must.

By mixing various boho tops with your outfits, you will obtain a multitude of casual, chic and romantic matches.

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#5 Make place for natural prints, fabrics and colours

Nature and flower power are everywhere when it comes to the boho dress code. As a result, we love floral prints, natural fabrics and colors.

The vintage trend will be expressed through the key pieces and fits of the 60s and 70s (in a more modern version), as well as through the retro prints.

Know that floral prints are the main focus of the boho style.

Consider liberty, XXL flowers (for slim silhouettes), plant, exotic or psychedelic prints.

For another kind of style, you can opt for polka dots, gingham or other geometric patterns.

Lastly, because texture and details are an integral part of the look, we rely on lace, crochet, embroidery and tassels that will bring a very trendy retro touch.

As for fabrics, choose clothes and accessories that are made of cotton, linen, silk, muslin, (imitation) leather or even wool.  Similarly, focus on soft and bright colors.   

Pastel tones and colors found in nature such as pale pink, peach, soft yellow, shades of green, ecru and brown, ochre and so on... They all go perfectly well with the boho look.

However, we advise you to avoid wearing more than one colorful, printed or embroidered piece so as not to overdo it.  For example, a hippie tunic with vintage pattern can be worn with a casual pair of jeans or a skirt in a plain color.

#6 Pick the right shoes

Now that you have composed an outfit that suits you best, all that's left to do is to find the right shoes that will match your bohemian look.

In summer, we recommend ethnic sandals.  Focus on Aztec, Indian or Brazilian trends with weaving, patterns, fringe, small shells, pompoms, beads or pendants. Among the different models, orient yourself towards gladiator type shoes with high straps, flat sandals, wedge espadrilles, or even heeled mules.

For autumn and winter, simply opt for pretty boho booties in leather or suede.   Again, fringe and small details will make the difference.

#7 Accessories are welcomed in your wardrobe

To perfect your boho style, don't forget the accessories. Scarves, belts and hats will spice up your style.

You can tie a printed bandana in your hair or around your neck, mark your waist with a large buckle belt or wear a trilby, fedora or floppy hat, depending on the season.

Just be sure not to accumulate too many accessories so as not to overdo it and look disguised.

Regarding jewellery, essential.  Play on the accumulation of necklaces, bracelets or rings without forgetting the hoop earrings for the perfect boho-chic style.

Silver, gold, copper, wood, hand woven or leather, the choice is yours. Consider ethnic jewelry adorned with semi-precious stones, engraved patterns, beads, crystals, feathers and tassels.

#8 Complete your style with a bag

Like for any well-respected look, the boho bag will bring that little finishing touch while proving to be very useful for carrying the necessary. Vary the models according to your outfits and the occasions.

fringed leather messenger bag for the daily use, a round straw bag for a summer stroll, a braided tote bag for shopping or a drawstring bag for a sports excursion.


#9 Assume a natural look

Because the boho style is all about natural beauty, stay light on the makeup.

Moisturize your skin with your usual product or use a bronzer to unify your skin tone.  A simple blush with golden highlights will be enough to brighten up your face.

You can then apply a little mascara to highlight your eyes and if you wish, shade your eyelids with a natural color, or bronzer.

A touch of transparent or slightly pink gloss on your lips and you're all set!

When it comes to the hairstyle, opt for wavy hair, loosely spread over your shoulders, braids (simple, fishtail or glued) or boho buns.

You can also add a headband or a scarf, reminiscent of the 70s.

#10 Don't forget to be yourself

The boho style is infinitely versatile. Therefore, you can combine it with a chic, rock, folk or even country theme in order to find the look that suits you best.

💍 The boho chic look: a casual yet elegant style that plays on layering, small sophisticated details and meticulously crafted pieces while focusing on comfort and authenticity.

Must-haves: the white lace dress, the crochet top, the embroidered blouse, the set of rings and the chunky knit sweater.

🌼 The hippie chic look: a style inspired by the Flower Power trend and 70s prints but in a more subtle way.

The key elements of this look: floral maxi dress, ethnic patterns, flare jeans, kimono, suede skirt. 

🎸 The boho rock look: a natural yet edgy style with basics of the bohemian look to which are added some rock pieces such as scarves, fringe and studs. Colors are darker and prints are chequered or leopard.

Favorite pieces: the leather perfecto, loose tee, ripped jeans, floral dress and black boots.

🤠 The boho folk look: a colorful boho style embellished with ruffles, puffy sleeves, embroidery and a little Wild West twist.

The ultimate touch: cowboy boots, a cowboy hat or a large buckle belt.

🌾 The boho country look: a soft bohemian style that features pastel colors, floral prints and romantic details.

The essentials: white lace blouse, spring dress, round wicker bag, boater hat or flower crown.

With our 10 boho style tips, you have all the essentials for creating your very own boho look, from head to toe. See, it's not that complicated.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to finally be yourself :) 

Nourish your heart.  Connect with your soul.  Nurture yourself.



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