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10 Essential Oils that are great for the home

You can add a few drops to your cleaning products, or use them in diffusers or a spritz bottle to fill your surroundings with wonderful smells.

Lemon – smells clean, fresh and invigorating

Rosemary – makes your home smell like a spa

Orange – a fresh, warm scent that works well in the kitchen.

Eucalyptus – ideal if you are suffering from congestion; a nice option for the bathroom.

Peppermint – a refreshing minty aroma that is ideal for the bathroom

Pine – a lovely woody fragrance that creates the atmosphere of a lush green forest.

Thyme – invigorating, perfect if you want clarity of thought

Cinnamon – neutralises cooking smells

Rose – soothing in the bedroom

Geranium – an uplifting floral fragrance


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